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Our team

The tools have been developed through a collaboration between gambling service providers and researchers at the University of Auckland and Deakin University in Australia. Our team have more then a century of working along side people who are concerned about their gambling. 

Bridgitte Thornley

Bridgitte Thornley is National Director, PGF Services and responsibile for the organisation’s clinical and public health work. Bridgitte is the lead on this project for PGF Services.

Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell is the National Operations Manager at Oasis Reducing Gambling Harm. Lisa is the lead on this project for the Salvation Army.

Dr Simone Rodda

Dr Simone Rodda is a senior lecturer at the university of Auckland. Simone is proud to have led the development of the screener and this website.

Associate Professor Nikki Dowling

Dr Nicki Dowling is an associate professor at Deakin University in Australia. Nicki has led the development of the pathways content.

Dr Stephanie Merkouris

Dr Stephanie Merkouris is a researcher at Deakin University. Stephanie has contributed towards the development of the pathways content.

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